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Legend of the Galactic Heroes Pamphlet



For inazuma-venus, because I know she miss this just as much

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Fuck Yeah Nika!
二階堂高嗣. Nikaido Takashi. Nika.
Born on August 6th, 1990 in Tokyo, he is the initial 2 (the first kanji of his name, 二 stands for "two" in japanese) of Kis-My-Ft2.
He is known by the members as the brat of the group, because not only he likes to pull pranks on everyone, he also says whatever is on his mind, causing a lot of trouble. But as Senga said: "he used to be a real brat, but now he's a brat only a little bit".
Nikaido hates to be alone and calls himself a bunny when he feels lonely. His hobby is observing people and he backflips on the skates like a fearless boss.
Kis-My-Ft2, or simply "kisumai", debuted on August 10th, under Avex.
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