*DJ Mitsu cut from Kisumai Radio 2012.09.12* new corner for Mitsu where he’s supposed to introduce a Kisumai member in 20 seconds or less, as DJ Mitsu lol

Nika: hello nice to meet you

Mitsu: nice to meet you

Nika: this is the first time we’ve met

Mitsu: yeah you’re Nikaido-kun right? i often watch you

Nika: ah thank you

Mitsu: WANNA BEEEE!!! ? you do a backflip right? that’s amazing! you dont use your hands right? since when have you done that?

Nika: since around middle school

Mitsu: amazing! teach Mitsu!

Nika: Mitsu is small though and probably can’t do it

Mitsu: idiot! take a look at me. this is DJ Mitsu. DJ Mitsu is 182cm

Nika: really?! you’re sitting so i couldn’t tell

Mitsu: yeah i’m always sitting

Nika: your legs are long?

Mitsu: so.. introduce a Kisumai member in less than 20 seconds?

Nika: yeah DJ Mitsu will

Mitsu: OK desu~ OK deesu~

Nika: are you alright? here we go~ uwah! Miyata! 3, 2, 1. okay go!

Mitsu: our Miyata— no I messed up. Kis-My-Ft2’s M, Miyata. mmm let’s see~ mmmmmmm~ otaku. mmmmm~… 

Nika: the end~ what. DJ Mitsu can’t do it…

Mitsu: DJ Mitsu wants a script

Nika: lololol since there wasn’t any script

Mitsu: DJ Mitsu wants a script

Moshimo Tours 12.09.08
Nika, you playboy.

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Fuck Yeah Nika!
二階堂高嗣. Nikaido Takashi. Nika.
Born on August 6th, 1990 in Tokyo, he is the initial 2 (the first kanji of his name, 二 stands for "two" in japanese) of Kis-My-Ft2.
He is known by the members as the brat of the group, because not only he likes to pull pranks on everyone, he also says whatever is on his mind, causing a lot of trouble. But as Senga said: "he used to be a real brat, but now he's a brat only a little bit".
Nikaido hates to be alone and calls himself a bunny when he feels lonely. His hobby is observing people and he backflips on the skates like a fearless boss.
Kis-My-Ft2, or simply "kisumai", debuted on August 10th, under Avex.
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